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Spin Doctors

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

Album: Pocket Full of Kryptonite

Year: 1992


                 Chris Barron is relieved his know-it-all girlfriend is gone in the                    lively “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.”


             A jovial guitar opens the single, setting a buoyant tone. His headaches have stopped. He’s laughing and joking with friends again. He isn’t worrying about slamming doors and being called a no-good cheater. He doesn’t have to deal with the crazy. He wouldn’t be scrambling outside for his clothes while his neighbors watch. She has impossible expectations and he walked on eggshells the entire time. (“Been a whole lot easier since the bitch left town/Been a whole lot happier without that face around/Nobody upstairs gonna stomp and shout/Nobody out the back door gonna throw my laundry out/She holds the shotgun while you dosi-doe/She want a man made of Hercules and Cyrano/Been a whole lot easier since the bitch is gone/Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong.”)


             In the chorus, he says she’s not as important as she think she is. People are going to call her out. (“Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong/Ain't nobody gonna bow no more when you sound your gong/Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong/Whatcha go 'n' do to get into another one of these here rock 'n' roll songs?”)


                  She can’t think for herself. She won’t acknowledge other people and even say hello. She’s highly manipulative. Her cooking is the only thing that redeems her. (“Other people's thoughts they ain't your hand-me-downs/Would it be so bad to simply turn around?/You cook so well, all nice and French/You do your brain surgery too mama, go get yer monkey wrench.”)


                   The  chorus is sung again.


                    In the bridge, he wants her to suffer some. Maybe get bronchitis from all the smoking she does. He wants to get under her skin. He apologizes and says he does wish her best. (“I hope them cigarettes are gonna make you cough/Hope you heard this song and it pissed you off/I take that back I hope you're doing fine/And if I had a dollar I might give you ninety-nine.”)


                    The chorus is sung again to end the single.



                   Barron can rejoice. He’s free! He’s absolutely free! It is the best breakup ever. Though he’s glad to be rid of her, he still feels some guilt for putting her down. He really wants her to be happy one day.


                 The mirthful “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” is a great anti-dote to the grunge of the era.


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