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Published on June 8, 2015 By Dusk411 In Music

Adam Lambert

Ghost Town

Album: The Original High

Year: 2015

          Adam Lambert has been abandoned by love in the craving “Ghost Town.”

              A mediative piano opens the single, setting a withdrawn tone. He can’t stop thinking of his dream. Instead of the light, he was wondering an empty city. He tried looking around for God and or a legendary icon like James Dean to assure him. But no one showed. By an alley, he found shining gates. However, the saints rushed to it before he could even touch them. They blocked his way. He walked farther along until he reached the west end. There, a fire blazed. It seemed to be a bonfire out of control, left to burn on its own after everyone had gone. He screamed for his ex-boyfriend. However, he only heard his own echo.  (“Died last night in my dreams/Walking the streets/Of some old ghost town/I tried to believe/In God and James Dean/But Hollywood sold out/Saw all of the saints/Lock up the gates/I could not enter/Walked into the flames/Called out your name/But there was no answer.”)

               In the chorus, he says that he can’t believe in love anymore. (“And now I know my heart is a ghost town/My heart is a ghost town/My heart is a ghost town/My heart is a ghost town.”)

              He returns back to the hospital. There, he sees himself, his eyes open. The room was completely silent. The tubes and ventilators were turned off. Meanwhile, the waiting room was filled with people he didn’t know. There was no there for him. A few people appear here and there. However, they have turned into monsters and love has become a cruel joke. (“Died last night in my dreams/All the machines/Had been disconnected/Time was thrown at the wind/And all of my friends/Had been disaffected/Now, I'm searching for trust/In a city of rust/A city of vampires/Tonight, Elvis is dead/And everyone's spread/And love is a satire.”)

         The chorus is sung again.

         He doesn’t care if he does end up in purgatory. He will fight for heaven. (“There's no one left in the world/I'm gunslingin'/Don't give a damn if I go/Down, down, down/I got a voice in my head that keeps singing/Oh, my heart is a ghost town.”)

         A variation on the chorus ends the single. (“My heart is a ghost town/Oh, my heart is a ghost town/(Said, my heart)/My heart is a ghost town/My heart is a ghost town.”)

            Lambert is ready for battle. He’s going to have survive with only his wits. There’s just him and he’s going to have to find a new way.

               The isolated  “Ghost Town” desperately wants a real connection.

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