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Album: Eat The Beat

Year: 1980

             Debbie Harry’s sexual desires consume her in the fierce “Atomic.”

               A charged guitar opens the single, setting an electric tone. The neon flashes illuminate his features. The garish light couldn’t tarnish his beauty. She approaches him and takes his hand, leading him to the dancefloor. He brings his head to her shoulder and they sway. She whispers to him to take her home. (“Uh-huh make me tonight/Tonight/Make it right/Uh-huh make me tonight/Tonight/Tonight.”)

                  In the pre-chorus, she asks him to give her all of him. It won’t be love but it will be something she will hold onto. (“Oh, uh-huh make it magnificent/Tonight/Right.”)

                     In the chorus, she runs her fingers through his crisp, dark hair as he lays her down into his bed. He kisses her clavicle and she moans. (“Ah, oh your hair is beautiful.Ah, tonight/Atomic.”)

                   A variation on the first pre-chorus is sung. (“Tonight make it magnificent/Tonight/Make me tonight.”)

                 A variation on the chorus is sung. (“Your hair is beautiful/Oh, tonight/Atomic/Oh Atomic/Oh.”)

                  In the final section, she says “Oh Atomic, oh atomic” twice to end the single.

                  Harry’s senses are heightened. Every nerve seems to pulling out of her skin. Her thoughts pound inside her head. She’s going to erupt. Yet, there’s a cool detachment to her. Tomorrow he will only be a memory and she will be onto the next thing.

                  The classic “Atomic” is impossibly cool and has an air most songs wish they could achieve.

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