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Published on June 17, 2015 By Dusk411 In Music

John Waite

Missing You

Album: No Brakes

Year: 1984

                    John Waite wonders about his ex-girlfriend in the cherishing                “Missing You.”

                                An affectionate guitar and eight hushed “Missing you’s” are said to open the single, setting a remiscient  tone.

                            He needs a moment. He heard her favorite song playing in the one of the stores he was shopping. It took him back to when they first got together. He thinks of what he could’ve done wrong. She won’t answer any of his calls. Since her, he hasn’t been able to fall for anyone. A couple of friends ran into her and he’s glad to hear she’s doing well. (“Every time I think of you /I always catch my breath /And I'm still standing here /And you're miles away/And I'm wondering why you left/And there's a storm that's raging/Through my frozen heart tonight/I hear your name in certain circles/And it always makes me smile/I spend my time/Thinking about you/And it's almost driving me wild.”)

                  In the pre-chorus, he knows she’s in town, according to one of his friends. He picks up the phone and starts to dial. But he changes his mind. He can’t face the hurt tonight. (“And there's a heart that's breaking/Down this long distance line tonight.”)

                      In the chorus, he tells himself he’s over it. She’s just some girl who didn’t work out. His friends know otherwise (hence, their casual updates). But he knows the truth, too. (“I ain't missing you at all/Since you've been gone away/I ain't missing you/No matter what I might say.”)

                    He tells his friends a certain story, knowing it will get back to her. He wants her to know she’s still on his mind and for her to reach out. He wants to talk to her so badly. He’ll do what he needs have to do. She could care less about him, though and it bothers him. (“There's a message in the wire/And I'm sending you this signal tonight/You don't know/How desperate I've become/And it looks like I'm losing this fight/In your world I have no meaning/Though I'm trying hard to understand.”)

                The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

                  In the bridge, he will get her to talk to him again. It’s a problem he has to solve. Otherwise, he’ll feel nothing. (“And there's a message that I'm sending out/Like a telegraph to your soul/And if I can't bridge this distance/Stop this heartbreak overload.”)

                         An extended chorus is sung. (“I ain't missing you at all...I ain't missing you/I ain't missing you/I keep lying to myself.”)

                        Part of the first verse is sung. (“And there's a storm that's raging/Through my frozen heart tonight.”)

                            An extended chorus ends the single. (“I ain't missing you at all…Ain't missing you/I ain't missing you/I ain't missing you/I keep lying to myself/Ain't missing you//I ain't missing you/I ain't missing you/I ain't missing you/I ain't missing you/I ain't missing you/Ain't missing you/Oh no/No matter what my friends might say/I ain't missing you.”)

                 Waite is avoiding saying what he feels out loud. It will make her leaving real and then all his hope is lost. Hope is all he has and he has to believe she means something to him.

                     The winsome “Missing You” wants to be forgiven.


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