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Rock The Night

Album: The Final Countdown

Year: 1985

                  Joey Tempest blows off steam in the lecturing  “Rock The Night.”

               A potent guitar opens the single, setting a proactive tone. This year has been rough. He lost a good friend. He had a falling out with his parents. In the meantime, he’s grown up. It’s gotten him frustrated that things had to get to breaking point. (“I've gone through changes, I've gone through pain/But there's not enough reason for me to go insane/I know the feeling, just when it grows/I'm in a rage up from my head down to my toes.”)

                        In the pre-chorus, driving the expressway at top speed does nothing for him anymore. Are the problems with his family worth fixing? Can he keep the promise he made to his friend? (“You know it ain't easy/Running out of thrills/You know it ain't easy/When you don't know what you want/What do you want.”)

                      In the chorus, he takes out his guitar of the case and strums it. He jumps into the air and goes as loud as he can. By sunrise, he’s sweaty and his voice is hoarse. However, he feels better. (“You want to rock now, rock the night/'Til early in the morning light/Rock now, rock the night, oh oh, oh oh, yeah/Rock now, rock the night/You'd better believe it's right/Rock now, rock the night.”)

                       He wants better for himself. He wants his family to appreciate him and not treat him like an employee. He does whatever he needs to do. (“I know my limit, just what it takes/When things ain't good enough, I just pull the brake/Sometimes it's easy, sometimes so tough/But just have one thing clear, I can't get enough.”)

                            The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

                              In the bridge, he plays the guitar until the strings fall apart. (“Oh, rock now, rock the night/Rock now, rock the night/Rock now, rock the night/Rock now, rock the night, rock it.”)

                   The pre-chorus is sung again.

                    The chorus is sung twice to end the single.

                   Tempest hangs back and talks about how music has healed him. It has given him so much, giving him an outlet for his angst. He tries to make it a teaching moment.

                   The spouting “Rock The Night” has mistaken the guitar for a violin.


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