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Published on June 28, 2015 By Dusk411 In Music

Geri Halliwell

Look At Me

Album: Schizophonic

Year: 1999

               Geri Halliwell is not what people expect in the dishy  “Look At Me.”

                   Cheeky synths open the single, setting a playful tone. She thinks of people she’s met and knows: her ex-boyfriend was gorgeous but was a racist homophobe. A former friend of hers worked out, dressed well and maintained her figure. However, she was constantly on drugs. She knew a couple who would fight all the time and declare their love for each other all the time. Then, when they broke up, neither said much. Another former friend of hers knew everyone and had lots of friends. But she was someone they had watch out for. She was a backstabber. (“Good looking, bad tasting/Full-bodied, butt wasted/Loose living, tight-fitting/What you see ain't what you are gettting/Big make-up, little break-up/She wants it, he's got it/Cold blooded, hot gossip/Superficial expectations.”)

               In the chorus, people have gotten the wrong idea  about her. She says she can create a scene and say exactly how she feels. (“Look at me, you can take it all/Because this face is free/Maybe next time use your eyes and look at me/I'm a drama queen if that's your thing bab/I can even do reality.”)

                People overspend on their credit cards to get material things to appear more wealthy than they are. Women pretending a series of bad short-term relationships is living the single life to the fullest. Men and women afraid to say they are gay. (“Fake money, real plastic/Stupid cupid, fantastic/Queer thinking straight talking/What you see ain't what you are getting/Fast loving, slow moving/No rhythm, but I'm grooving/Old feeling, new beginning/Superficial expectations.”)

               The chorus is sung again.

                 In the  bridge, she sometimes falls under the playacting. She isn’t proud of it. She’s trying to find her place in the world. However, it’s failed her each time. (“Sometimes I don't recognize my own face/I look inside my eyes and find disgrace/My little white lies tell a story/I see it all, it has no glory.”)

               The chorus is sung again. 

              A variation on the chorus is sung to end the single. (“ Come on and look at me/This face is free/I'm your fantasy/So who d'you wanna be/Not what you see/I'm a drama queen if that's your thing/Come on and look at me/I'm your fantasy/This face is free/Come on and look at me/So who do you wanna be/This face is free.”)

                    Halliwell vamps and puckers her lips. She’s the main attraction at the lounge. She plays up her image and subverts it.

                   The kitschy “Look At Me” is past girl power and has found empowerment on its own terms.

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