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Olivia Newton-John

Heart Attack

Album: Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Year: 1982

               Olivia Newton-John loses her cool around her crush in the clingy “Heart Attack.”

               Choked synths open the single, setting a shaken tone.     He talks to her about the televison show he watched last night. She’s nodding, blanking on what she wants to say. However, she’s nervous and afraid she’s going to say the wrong thing. She keeps grinning and realizes she’s might come off like an idiot. (“My mouth is dry/My legs are weak/I'm thinking this 'cause I can't speak/I'm looking at you/You're looking at me/You must think that I'm just crazy.”)

               In the chorus, he says goodbye and she takes a breath. She’s lightheaded from not breathing. It was such a wonderful moment. (“If you only knew/What you're putting me through/Feels like/A heart attack/You're givin' me a heart attack/Heart attack/You're givin' me a heart attack/Must have died and gone to heaven/What a way to go.”)

                   She can’t believe he’s talking to her. She’s already in love. He’s going to be one to take her down. (“I can't catch my breath/It must be a dream/But you're the cutest thing I've ever seen/I'm way past the point/Of recovery/You're gonna be the death of me.”)

                  An extended chorus ends the single. (“If you only knew…what a way to go/Heart attack/You're givin' me a heart attack/Heart attack/You're givin' me a heart attack.”)

              Newton-John swoons and treats his wave with the utmost importance. While it’s great she’s in love, she has to got to stop the idolizing of him. It’s obnoxious.

             The faint “Heart Attack” flatlines

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