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Selena Gomez & A$AP Rocky

Good For You

Album: TBA

Year: 2015


        Selena Gomez wants to look her best for her boyfriend in the  ethereal  “Good For You.”


           Celestial synths open the single, setting a divine tone. She brushes her cheek with blush. She takes another look in the mirror and decides to add a little bit more. She puts her necklace around her neck, a gift her boyfriend gave her for their one-year anniversary. He says her touch is like velvet. No other girl he would meet would be able to match it. She hopes there isn’t any temptation for him to find out. (“I'm on my 14 carats/I'm 14 carat/Doing it up like Midas/Now you say I got a touch/So good, so good/Make you never wanna leave/So don't, so don't.”)


                   In the pre-chorus, she has the curled tendrils framing her face. Her ruby red halter dress clings to her skin, showing off every curve. (“Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight/Do my hair up real, real nice/And syncopate my skin to your heart beating.”)


                      In the chorus, she says he makes her feel happy. He brings out the best in her, both emotionally and physically. (“Cause I just wanna look good for you, good for you/I just wanna look good for you, good for you/Let me show you how proud I am to be yours/Leave this dress a mess on the floor/And still look good for you, good for you.”)


                      He tells her that she is far more beautiful than any jewel. He shares something with her that he hasn’t had with anyone else. She promises him to stay. (“I'm on my Marquise diamonds/I'm a Marquise diamond/Could even make that Tiffany jealous/You say I give it to you hard/So bad, so bad/Make you never wanna leave/I won't, I won't.”)

                 The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.


                  In the bridge, she tells him she can give him endless happiness. (“Trust me, I can take you there/Trust me, I can take you there/Trust me, I, trust me, I, trust me, I.”)


                 A$AP Rocky tells her she doesn’t have to look sexy to get his attention. He wants her to be true to who she is. He doesn’t what to care what people say about them. However, he’ll defend her. He’s fortunate to have her. (“Hold on, take a minute, love/Cause I ain't trying to mess your image up/Like we mess around in triple cuffs/Stumble 'round town, pull your zipper up/Pants sag like I don't give a/
I ain't trying to mess your business up/And I ain't trying to get you into stuff/But the way you touchin' on me in the club/Rubbin' on my miniature/John Hancock, the signature/Any time I hit it, know she finna fall through/And every time we get up, always end up on the news/Ain't worried bout no press and ain't worried bout the next chick/They love the way you dress and ain't got shit up on you/Jackpot, hit the jackpot/Just met a bad miss without the ass shots/You look good, girl, you know you did good, don't you?/You look good, girl, bet it feel good, don't it?”)


                      The chorus is sung again.

                        Part of the bridge is sung again to end the single. (“Trust me, I, trust me, I, trust me, I.”)


                     Gomez is voracious and sweltry, taking on the lyrics with a searing intensity. The production deserves a nod for clipping her vocals and lowering them. Sometimes she can come across an ingenue without meaning to and the production corrects the problem.


                     A$AP Rocky brings the right edge to the single. His profanity is edited out (Gomez may be all grown up but she’s not quite ready to go there yet) and his sexual references are nothing too shocking.


                      The incadescent “Good For You” ups the temperature.

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