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Nick Fradiani

Beautiful Life

Album: TBA

Year: 2015

              Nick Fradini appreciates everything he has in the depreciated  “Beautiful Life.”

                 Jingly synths open the single, setting a nominal tone. He sits on the deck with his girlfriend, sipping on a beer. At the barbecue, are his uncle and cousin. A group of friends from work are playing ladder ball. It’s all he needs. There’s going some people who will unfriend him While they are others who are going to talk to his behind back and ask about his weekend. (“These days/Well, they're looking up/We got so much to say/We got someone to love/We got good friends/They're so good to us/And haters can hate/And fakers can front.”)

                 In the pre-chorus, he says he’s try do everything he wants to do now. (“So we try to live/Like it's all we've got/Cause for all we know.”)

                    In the chorus, he says it could be the final night they are all together. A tragedy could happen on the way home. He has all he could ever ask for. (“This could be the last night of our lives/Gonna chase down our every desire/We blaze the night/With all we've been waiting for/All this time/Reaches such great heights/Gives us just one perfect night/To say "oh, what a beautiful life"/"Oh, what a beautiful life.”)

                     It’s great to see his cousin out and about. He’d been dealing with depression for a long time. Everyone was worried about him. Finally, he’s doing well again. There is too much to live for. (“Comes out of the dark/We got nothing to fear/We got nothing but heart/Can't just wait here to see what it brings/We got too many hopes/We got too many dreams.”)

                The pre-chorus is sung again.

               The chorus is sung three times to end the single.

              Fradiani is restraining himself even though he really, really wants to rock out to soaring strings and unyielding guitars. Production only allows for a series of shouts to turn it into a power ballad. Fradiani, unfortunately, gets shortchanged while everything else is scaled down.

                The  economical “Beautiful Life” is the last gasp from American Idol, every expense spared.


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