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Crystal Waters

         Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)

           Album: Surprise

           Year: 1991

                       Crystal Waters wishes she could change the plight in her community in the         forthright “Surprise.”

                           Steady synths open the single, setting a thoughtful tone. She waits to turn left onto another main road. There, she sees a homeless woman teasing her hair with her fingers. She watches her take out a brush out of a worn compact and apply whatever crumbs are left from the blush. (“She wakes up early every morning/Just to do her hair now/Because she cares yeah/Her day oh wouldn't be right/Without her make up/She's never had a make up.”)

                  In the chorus, she hears the woman sing a hymn, hoping someone will be kind enough to give her some money. Waters wants to do something so badly to change the woman’s life. (“She's just like you and me/But she's homeless, she's homeless/As she stands there singing for money/La da dee la dee da/La da dee la dee da/La da dee la dee da/La da dee la dee da/La da dee la dee da.La da dee la dee da.”)

               The woman haunts her at night. She thinks of her, wondering how she is keeping warm. She doesn’t understand how society could let it happen. (“In my sleep I see her begging/Preaching please/Although her body is not mine/I ask now why God why.”)

                    An extended chorus is sung, with four extra “la la dee la dee a’s” added.

                      In the bridge, she once again states the beautiful hymn the woman sings on the street. (“She's just like you and me/As she stands there singing for money.”)

                         Nineteen “la la dee la dee’s” are sung to end the single.

                         Waters wants people to stop and think beyond themselves. She doesn’t beat anyone over the head with the politics nor does she get judgemental. She states a personal example and lets the thought sit.

                       The succint  “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” lets people make up their own minds about the social message.




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