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"I only looked but I never touched 'cause in my heart was a picture of us
Published on January 20, 2004 By Dusk411 In Music

What A Girl Wants
Album: Christina Aguilera
Year: 1999

By 2000, Christina Aguilera had established herself as the rival to Britney Spears. However, subtle changes in her image began to occur. The clothes began to get a little bit skimpier, the tongue a bit sharper. Her reported divaness also began to get mentions in gossip columns.

However, What A Girl Wants, although decent, represents the problem with her first album. The material is far too weak for her voice. Although she sells it efficiently with her wonderful voice, there is something lacking. The bridge, however, allows her to show off her rich voice. She glides through the high notes and quickly returns to her strong voice in the lower register.

The lyrics are better but nothing fantastic. "You said if you love something/let it go/ If it comes to back to you/then you know/It's for keeps and it's for sure" is an overused cliché. The lyrics printed on the liner sheets, but not in the actual song, "A weaker man might've walked away, but you had faith/Strong enough to move and give me space" should've remained.

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