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"Little miss apprehensive said ooh, she fell in love"
Published on January 21, 2004 By Dusk411 In Music

Miss Independent
Album: Thankful
Year: 2003

On the cover of her first album, Clarkson is photoshopped so much; she looks like a wax figure of herself. This is unfortunate. Clarkson’s first single cover was simplistic, but at least she looked human.

Her run on American Idol mainly involved ballads, which RCA was quick to capitalize on once the show was over. However, her uptempo songs in the show missed the confidence that she had in previous performances. Finally, Clarkson has an uptempo song that suits her.

Miss Independent co-written by Rhett Lawrence (Mariah Carey), Christina Aguilera, and Clarkson, is a well-written song and completely unexpected, considering the last offerings from RCA. It blends R&B and some rock. Miss Independent takes the recent trend of ‘independent women don’t need a man’ stereotype and turns its on its head. Instead, she needs to be vulnerable and realize that being independent doesn’t mean giving up a woman’s sense of self. It also has smart puns (“Miss guarded heart\But she miscalculated.”) and bold lyrics (“Miss if you’re gonna use that line/you better not start.”)


Clarkson handles the verses and the bridge best. However, the chorus requires her to sing in Aguilera’s range. Clarkson has a great voice, but she doesn’t have half of the voice of Aguilera yet.

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