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"Can we make this dream last forever and cherish all the love we share"
Published on January 21, 2004 By Dusk411 In Music

A Moment Like This
Year: 2002
Single: A Moment Like This/Before Your Love

Throughout Kelly Clarkson’s run on American Idol, she impressed the audience and celebrity judges with her ability to sing pop classics well. In the final show, Clarkson was crowned the first American Idol and then sang an encore of her official new single, A Moment Like This.

Given the fact it’s a reality television program with a broad audience, the single is generic and safe. However, it’s so inoffensive that there isn’t anything special about it. It begins like the stereotypical adult comtemporary love song, with the acoustic guitar and innocent lyrics, “What if I told you/It was all meant to be? /…So tell me you don’t think I’m crazy.” Then quickly heads to the rousing chorus, proclaiming that the love is true. However, by adult cotempoary music standards, she doesn’t belt the chorus out yet, but she will soon. And by soon, it’s only 20 seconds later (1:40 mark) when she is required to belt. A choir is added to bring more inspiration and credibility to it. However, the inspiring choir only adds some chuckling from listeners, due to its overt cheesiness.

It’s a lackluster debut and disappointing after hearing her sing great material on the show.

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on Feb 23, 2004
hey my name is michelle and i go to a little school in Legal doing a really big project on Kelly and i owuld love to get as much info as possible on her
thanks a bunch Michelle
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