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"Table dancin', glasses are crashin', no question time for some action"
Published on January 23, 2004 By Dusk411 In Music

Album: Stripped
Year: 2002

Aguilera's got some club in her. Dirrty is also her attempt to rid herself of the squeaky-clean Mousekeeter image forever. And that she does so in a mighty big splendor of nakedness and sex that pervades throughout the accompanying video. The over-the-top, hypersexualized video, in turn, drew attention away from the song, causing it to flop.

The song itself is actually a lot better. However, it's not going to become a classic anytime soon. Like many of the songs she has sung or been a part of, she takes charge immediately. This time, it's entering a club and getting on the dance floor. The music is high energy and chaotic, the way a club song should be. However, most of the credit does go to Aguilera for matching the chaos by being aggressive during the chorus. She's sexual in the verses, particularly during "Shake somethin' on the floor/I need that uh, to get me off/Sweatin' till my clothes come off." Also, when she hits the crescendo before Redman's rap, it's not out of place. It fits like dry ice and a crowded, revolving dance floor on a Saturday night. Mainstream rappers in pop songs have become cliché'. However, Redman's rap goes with it. It's good enough that the unnecessary extra 'r' in dirrty is forgiven.

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