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Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
Album: Sound Loaded (Original version without Christina Aguilera)
Year: 2001

"Why? Why? Why?" Ricky Martin sings, wistfully, in the original version of Nobody Wants to Be Lonely. However, for all his wistfulness and outpouring of romantic notions, the original version is sluggish. It drones note after note, with seemingly no end in sight.

The radio version brings in Christina Aguilera to make it a hit. It's a "duet" in the sense that Ricky Martin only gets a few lines while the rest of it belongs to Aguilera. In other words, she's become the selling point, while he's the background singer. Aguilera can be heard over Martin throughout. From beginning to end, she owns it, as she should. She takes the verses he had in the original and adds some power to them. Aguilera also gives the song the vigor it needs, particularly in the "Don't walk away/don't walk away" lyric.

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