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Published on January 26, 2004 By Dusk411 In Music

Album: In The Zone
Year: 2004

In yet another unimaginative video, Britney wears a nude-colored bodysuit covered with diamonds in stragetic places. Ho hum. To top it off, it is hailed by her public relations that the set was closed. Then again, Britney’s pr also said the quickie wedding in Vegas was just a funny joke that “went too far.”

Written by Cathy Dennis, Toxic is Britney’s attempt to be dance-pop. It’s a style that fits her. With dance-pop, her transparent vocals do not matter. Here, she can get away with the overly processed, Pro-tooled voice and not have it be obvious. It blends with the rest of the song. Her handlers would be wise to stay this route.

She has spent the last two years trying to catch up with her peers. Now, she finally has her best single out and she’s irrelevant. However, it’s mainly due to overexposure and horrible marketing. Her handlers are intent are keeping the Lolita image, but she is past that now. Britney needs to grow up, get an education, and get into rehab.
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on Jan 26, 2004
I guess her PR really needs the spin if they think the marriage was a stunt, I mean how else can they think that she is the image they want. Once she shows some sort of freedom, and breaks out of her PR shell, then it catches up to her, and Brit is a robot once again!
on Jan 26, 2004
To me, a review like this is like criticizing pigs for being fat. You were expecting Maria Callas? Britney sells millions of albums doing exactly what Britney is doing in this video, so the fact that it may or may not be 'good' is immaterial. The idea that she "needs to grow up, get an education, and get into rehab" supposes that she is not accomplishing what she is attempting to do. Hardly. Britney has never been a musician, or even a singer per se, she is an entertainer. You are suggesting she revamp a insanely successful career into something she isn't good at?

Your expectation is the problem with this review. The vast majority of folks either like what she is doing for what it is, or never looked to her for substantial entertainment to begin with. I think most people would agree wholeheartedly with you and buy her album anyway, or wouldn't buy it no matter what they read.
on Jan 26, 2004
hi i think britney can do what she pleases. if you were earning that amount of money you to would not care. so keep your opinions to your self! carly
on Jan 26, 2004
I admit I am hard on Britney Spears. However, compared to Beyonce, she is underperforming. She is usually a trend behind the others. I think a Kylie Minogue-type career would suit her. But when she thinks Canada is "overseas" and denies continually that the Esquire shots weren't sexual, I think an image revamping is in order.
on Jan 26, 2004

Not to be argumentative, but "when she thinks Canada is "overseas" and denies continually that the Esquire shots weren't sexual" are your own values. She is doing what she is doing, and is fabulously wealthy because of it. The blame for that doesn't rest with her, it rests with the people who buy her music. She is supplying a demand, an is extremely successful.

As far as Beyonce', the difference between Britney and herself in terms of 'art' is almost non-existent. Apples and oranges are both fruit. It's hard to make a distinction between one ass-jiggle video and another.
on Mar 16, 2004
I do not agree, i think people need to stop critizing what she does and let her be her. And if people dont like her music switch the channel or change the station....why complain about it, people love to blaime other people for everything, the way people sing or dress or act in their life shouldnt affect you and if it does its becuase you allowed it to and you dont want to blaime yourself so you point at what stars are doing. Maybe she isnt the one that needs to grow up, maybe its the people that cant handle listening to music and just enjoying it that need to grow up.
on Mar 16, 2004
I thought the video "Toxic" was complete trash, the biggest waste of air time I have ever seen. She does nothing but dress skimpy and preform sluty dances. Her voice and her body are way to computer enhanced. Of course this is not her fault, her fans keeping supporting her. However no matter the amount of money she makes she should still have enough self-respect to know how to put clothes on. This video is revolting, I encourage people to change the chanel when the see it.
on Mar 16, 2004
so basically what you're saying is that you really like the video and song then?
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