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Published on January 29, 2004 By Dusk411 In Music

Album: Try This
Year: 2003

Pink finally has found her niche. “Trouble,” the first single from the rock-pop album, opens with Tim Armstrong (Rancid) strumming the guitar and Pink snarling “No attorneys to plead my case/No orbits to me fly in and out of space.”

The sugary pop, which had been evident on certain tracks “Missundaztood’s,” has been abandoned for a mature, grittier sound. On ‘Trouble,’ Pink is cocky, defiant, and forward. Although her voice is not the stereotypical pretty, she is able to use her throatiness to her advantage. She shines vocally at the 1:54 mark when she outright shouts the chorus. Armstrong set ups the single gradually. He saves the best riffs for the choruses, allowing Pink to scream her heart out. By the bridge and until the end, it’s a full on rocker, with a touch of Rancid’s “Salvation” flavor.

Pink sells this song and her new, rock star image convincingly now. Although there are some kinks in the image that need to be fine-tuned. Writing Prince William an angry, self-righteous letter about his hunting practices and feuding with C-lister Blu Cantrell over Tommy Lee is going overboard, for instance. It’s an image she’s been building on since her last album, making the explicit “Try This” not a shock.

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on Jan 29, 2004
Isn't this coming out late? I might didn't 'trouble' hit the charts months ago?

on Jan 29, 2004
Yes, however, my aim for my blog is to review singles for Top 4O entertainers and to be as thorough as possible.
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