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Nobody's Home
Album: Under My Skin
Year: 2004

Avril Lavigne reaches out to a confused friend in "Nobody's Home." Written by Ban Noody and Lavigne, she is clueless as to the cause of her friend's depression. She could only watch helplessly as her friend self-destructed ("I couldn't tell you why she felt that way/She felt it everyday/And I couldn't help her/I just watched her make the same mistakes again").

Her friend is trying to deal with her many problems. One problem being, she's been kicked out of the house. She doesn't trust anyone and is a shadow. ("what's wrong now?/
Too many, too many problems/Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs/She wants to go home, but nobody's home...With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes/Broken inside").

Lavigne wants her friend to search and deal with her problems properly. It's upsetting Lavigne to see someone she once knew die slowly and in unbearable emotional pain. She encourages her friend to be strong ("Open your eyes and look outside/find the reasons why/
You've been rejected, and now you can't find what you left behind/Be strong, be strong now.").

Her friend bottles her emotions up and doesn't talk about them. She doesn't have dreams anymore. The depression is killing her. She's dropped out of school and doesn't believe in much of anything, including her God. She's also has done some troubling things, which Lavinge doesn't reveal. ("Her feelings she hides/Her dreams she can't find/She's losing her mind/She's fallen behind...she's losing her faith/she's fallen from grace").

Lavigne is sympathetic but distanced in her vocals. This is her best single since "I'm With You." When she's not a self-involved, self-righteous teenager in her music, Lavigne can display some maturity and humanity. It's a side which she should be shown more often.

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on Jan 12, 2005
I like this song
on Jan 12, 2005
Check out the video clip too dusk. Avril plays herself and her friend. Avrils singing - wearing this 1940's movie star hair/dress with Sepia (brown) film and when it cuts to her friend She's got cut, strggly black hair - she's with another homeless woman and she takes off her purple pumps and puts on sneakers with her jeans and t-shirt. She carries her possessions in a plastic bag, gets kicked out of a service station but sneaks back in to comb her hair. Tries to call her mother who she wakes up and she hangs up before she can say anything and it's pouring down rain so she searchers for an open car to take shelter in.

It's a really good clip except the singing Avril looks like a racoon with all that eye makeup

Excellent review YET again.
on Jan 12, 2005
Thank you, trina_ p and hello powderfinger 007!

powderfinger007 -- This is one of my favorite Avril Lavigne songs next to "I'm With You" It's just nice to hear her sing about something which does not perpuate her 'bratty, faux punk rock ' image.

trina_p -- That's sounds like a really awesome video. From your description, they actually fleshed out her friend/raccon-eyed Avril (.) character. Most videos (or at least the ones I've seen) are focused on the flash and the flesh it doesn't even follow what the song is about to begin with.
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