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Love Profusion

Album: American Life
Year: 2003 (UK)/2004 (US)

Madonna is throwing her say in the Democratic primaries. On her website January 7, she posted a letter to her fans reading “I am supporting Wesley Clark for president.” Further in her letter, she is quoted as saying “you may not agree with everything I say or do, but whether you're rich or poor, young or old, black or white, gay or straight, I know you share my concern and recognize the need for change.”

Thank you, Madonna for again educating us American citizens. Otherwise, without our icon to guide the way, we’d be lost. Oh Madonna, what would our country do without your opinion to tell us what to think?

With that being said, back to the music. “Love Profusion” is an uptempo ballad, which Madonna sings about finding the love of her life. In it, she’s vulnerable and full of hope. “And I know I can feel bad/When I get in a bad mood/And the world can look so sad/Only you make me feel good.” Instead of sounding removed and defensive like she did on the “American Life” single, she’s overwhelmingly ecstatic. It is a brief, now rare moment of vintage Madonna.

The tepid reaction to “American Life” as a whole, as well as Madonna’s rapid approaching irrelevancy, will unfortunately effect this single. It’s worth more than being a passing jingle in an Estee Lauder commercial.

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