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Giving You Up
Album: Ultimate Kylie
Year: 2005

Kylie Minogue is trying to get her shy boyfriend to open up in the astral "Giving You Up"

The single, produced and written by popular remixers, Xenomania (Cher "Believe", Dannii Minogue "All I Wanna Do"), has an 80s synth pop vibe to it.

The night before, she fell in love with him again and relished the rush of her emotions. ("last night I lost my head/and fell right back into your love/I lay intoxicated/while angels circled high above"). The intimacy of their time together was special and new. However, as she realizes the next day, their relationship can't survive on sex alone. ("Deep in a perfect moment/All it once it feels so right/But when I wake I see reality turn back and bite").

He's quiet and uncomfortable around her. He's a weak, clingy guy who can't talk with women. ("Your heartbeat's ticking/And your cool starts dripping/And you're tongue tied up on the phone/Your backbone's breaking/And your smooth starts shaking/Like you can't stand being alone"). He's unsure of himself and his lack of confidence makes him question his relationship with her. ("Your calm starts rocking/Little doubts are knocking/Like the whole world's slipping away"). He doesn't like to be the center of attention. However, he does like being with her and then he loosens up a bit. ("Attention's killing/But the ride is thrilling/And you can't help going again").

She tells him that what he does want is beyond his grasp at the moment and he needs to be realisitic. First, he needs to get her stimulated and not the success of doing so inflate his self-esteem. She urges him to be more assertive. ("what you want is what you don't know/What you want is what you don't know/Turn me on and watch your ego/what you want is what you don't need/stand up when you're talking to me").

She's not going to let him go. She loves him too much to do leave him. Instead, she's going to teach him on how to be a better boyfriend for her. ("I can't start giving you up/I'm lost without you/Can't stop tickin' the tock/I can't start giving you up/I'm mad about you/Can't stop slipping it off").

She notes how women wear ill-fitting clothes to remain in style and learn how much discomfort they can take. She sees trying to change her boyfriend as the same thing. She doesn't mind turning her boyfriend into something he's not to suit her needs and is willing to do all that she has to do to make that happen. ("A girl's got to suffer for fashion/She knows what her body can do-ooh-ooh/She finds a man and she makes it her passion/I'm happy trying all the time with a boy like you").

While "Giving You Up" is electric and light, it's message is naive. People cannot be changed. They can only change if they want to.

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on Mar 26, 2005
the best song shes done in ages!
on Mar 26, 2005
Hello Nancy,

While I favor "I Believe In You" over "Giving You Up," it's still intelligent dance pop. Thanks for stopping by.
on Apr 07, 2005
Kylie's the "50 Foot Tall Woman" in the video. No wonder boyfriend is a bit reticent! Women try to remake their men all the time, naive notion or not. Sometimes they succeed. Can she make him the 50 Foot Tall Man?
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