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Celine Dion
Published on May 2, 2005 By Dusk411 In Music
One Heart
Album: One Heart
Year: 2003

Celine Dion believes determination and support can help a person through their problems in the candy-coated "One Heart."

Keyboards, resembling the twinkling beats of a music box, begin the single. As it shortly plays, Dion says "one heart you are following."

She says people who are beginning a new job or moving to a different town will be able to find kind friends who will help them along the way. People can move past embarassments or a cruel remark. She advises to look on the bright side. ("You can run and you can begin/In a place where you don't fit in/Love will find a way ...yeah/When you're down, you can start again/Turn around anything you're in/Love will find a place yeah.")

In the chorus, she says if they let their hearts lead them, they will be able to stay focused on their dream. Drive and motivation will take them far as long they don't let other people define them. ("If you got one heart you are followin'/One dream keeps you wondering/Love lights your way through the night/One wish keeps you tryin'/What's your silver lining/Loves lights your way through the night.")

She comments that people will have horrible days. But an emotional support system will help them through it. Their friends and family will give them persceptive on the situation, letting them see a positive side to it. ("You can fall a thousand time/You can feel like you've lost your mind/Love will find a way oh yeah yeah/In a minute it can change your life/In a moment it can make you right/Love will find a place yeah.")

A jaunty acoustic guitar and equally cheerful drums accompany Dion in the bridge. Here, some of Dion's vocals are echoed. She stresses that people have to have a dream to believe in before repeating the chorus. ("Everybody needs something to hold on to/Everybody needs something to hold on to/if you got one heart you are followin'/one dream keeps you wondering/love lights your way through the night/One wish keeps you tryin'/What's your silver lining/Loves lights your way through the night.")

Towards the end, she begins to wail a bit and extending some notes. It's like a record for the least amount of time without tuneless, monotonous shouting by Dion. Ever. Usually by the the 3 minute mark, she's in chest pounding mode. But here, she's restrained and the riffs are kept to the bare minimum.

At the end, she quietly says "love will find a way/love will find a way in your heart."

Dion is low-key and mostly melisma-free. She sings in her lower register throughout the entire time. The change reveals her voice to be pleasing but bland and mechanical.

The genial "One Heart" is well-intentioned advice set to a paint-by-numbers, riskless dance beat.

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