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Last to Know
Album: Try This
Year: 2004

Pink is hurt after getting stood up by a guy in the impassioned "Last To Know."

The keyboards simmer to open the single, creating a nervous atmosphere. Beginning with the chorus, she's humilated and wondering why everyone knew he wasn't coming to her concert except her. She tells him he he could've called her up on the phone and wished her a good show instead. He could've answered her phone calls and let her know then. ("Why was I the last to know/That you weren't coming to my show you coulda/Called me up to say "good luck"/
You coulda called me back you stupid fuck/Why was I the last to know?")

Their first date was last week at a sushi restraurant. He laughed at her jokes and complimented her on her good looks. She invited him to one of her concerts which caused her to refuse her mom. But then, he stopped contacting her. ("First date, we ate sushi and/It went well, I was funny and/You said I was a cutie/That's the last thing I heard from you/I left the tickets at the door for you/I had to tell my mom that there was/No more room/You didn't show, that was so uncool/You coulda called me back.")

In the pre-chorus, she rightfully assumes he doesn't want anything to do with her. Since the date went well, he would want to spend time with her. He even promised her he would come to see her perform. ("So I guess this means that we're/Not friends anymore, I heard/It's me you're asking for, I thought/I'd see you at the show/You said you'd go.")

In the second verse, she remembers a reason why he would dump her: she wouldn't sleep with him. He asked her to go back to his house. However, she said no but he kept pressuring her. He continued by asking her to do things she would not to do with him. She figures out that if she had slept with him, he would've come. She's not that type to have sex on a first date. ("After the date, I wouldn't go/Home with you/I wouldn't put my heels in the/Air for you/You tried to get me to do thingsI just won't do/Last I heard from you/Here is how I guess the story goes/You woulda came if I was a ho/F*** for parts that's just not how/I roll, move it on down the road.")

After the pre-chorus and chorus, Pink sings in the bridge that he had her personality figured out. He didn't anything about her, other than her image. He thought she was going to be an easy lay. She wasn't. ("You thought you know me/I guess you didn't/You thought you had me/
I think you didn't/You thought you knew me/But you didn't.")

The chorus ends the single.

In the bitter "Last to Know," Pink handles her celebrity as something unimportant. It didn't matter if the concert was sold out or her costumes looked great, the single wasn't about her. It was about why he blew her off. By keeping her celebrity status to a minimum, the single maintains a general theme. The focus on his actions and her feelings about it is what the makes the song work.

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