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Shake It Off
Album: The Emancipation of Mimi
Year: 2005

Mariah Carey dumps her cheating boyfriend via answering machine in the mellow "Shake It Off."

Flippant, short beats accompany Carey as she "ooh, oohs" and producer Jermaine Dupri tells everyone "to just bounce."

The intro leads to the chorus. She sings that she has to forget him. He manipulates her and toys with her emotions. She likens her leaving to the 1980s Calgon commercial with a woman in a bathtub. The woman would breathlessly say "Calgon, take me away." The picture would then fade to the woman's happy place, which would be a meadow full of blooming flowers and green grass. He's been taking her for granted. Meanwhile, she's been planning ways of moving out their apartment without him knowing. For her, being alone for awhile is better than losing her self-respect. "I gotta shake you off/'Cause the loving ain't the same/And you keep on playing games/Like you know I'm here to stay/I gotta shake you off/Just like the Calgon commercial/I really gotta get up outta here/And go somewhere/I gotta shake you off/Gotta make that move/Find somebody who/Appreciates all the love I give/Boy I gotta shake you off/
Gotta do what's best for me/Baby and that means I gotta/Shake you off."

In the first verse, she calls him on the answering machine. She tells him not to try to sweet talk her into getting back together. Her bags are packed. She had a long conversation with his mother about his behavior towards her. She warns him that he will regret treating her like a doormat. In the beginning of the relationship, she didn't see the signs that he was sleeping with every scantily clad woman he saw. But once his explanations for his absences become more elaborate and unbelievable, she realized something was up. She did the only thing a woman scorned could do: steal his car, fill it with her overrated luxurious handbags and laugh at what a loser he is. "By the time you get this message/It's gonna be too late/So don't bother paging me/'Cause I'll be on my way/See I grabbed all my diamonds and clothes/Just ask your momma she knows/You're gonna miss me baby/Hate to say "I told you so"/Well at first I didn't know/But now it's clear to me/You would cheat with all your freaks/And lie compulsively/So I packed up my Louis Vuitton /Jumped in your ride and took off/You'll never ever find a girl/Who loves you more than me."

Next is the bridge. However, it's like the intro but without Dupri's interruptions. "I gotta shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off."

In the second verse, she heard from her friends that he was galavanting around, taking his other girlfriends to the places he once took her to. She adds that she would continue but her cellphone isn't receiving a signal. However, he can expect another whispery, long-winded message. She tells him it's over and not to expect to contact him ever again. "I found out about a gang/Of your dirty little deeds/With this one and that one/By the pool, on the beach, in the streets/Heard y'all was/Hold up my phone's breakin' up/I'ma hang up and call the machine right back/I gotta get this off of my mind/You wasn't worth my time/I've leaving you behind/'Cause I need a real love in my life/Save this recording because/I'm never coming back home/Baby I'm gone/Don't cha know."

After the chorus, the bridge ends the single.

In "Shake It Off," the name-dropping is used sparingly. However, it's the single itself is so laid-back it nearly disappears.

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on Oct 13, 2005
on Oct 13, 2005
on Oct 13, 2005
hi ya luv shake it off
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