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Spinning Around
Album: Light Years
Year: 2000

Kylie Minogue dons a new look and attitude in the sirenic "Spinning Around."

She sings "spinning around/ooh oh" to open the single. Lush keyboards then begin, creating a flirty tone.

In the chorus, she says that she's demanding attention. People are liking the changes in her. She's going to tell it like it is now. She adds she's who she was several years ago. "I'm spinning around/Move out of my way/I know you're feelin' me 'cuz you like it like this/I'm breakin' it down/I'm not the same/I know you're feelin' me 'cuz you like it like this."

In the first verse, she has thrown away her fake happiness she felt. It was mostly due to pleasing other people and not her self. She got rid of her plain jane t-shirts and ratty cut-off shorts. She went to a designer clothing store and bought fashionable clothing. She's expressing and respecting herself. She's not obsessing about what or should've happened ten years ago. She can't revisit and make changes to it. The future holds many things for her. She's decided to take control of her life. "Clearin' this house out of joy that I borrowed/From back in the day/Threw away my old clothes/Got myself a better wardrobe/I got something to say/I'm through with the past/Ain't no point in looking back/The future will be/And did I forget to mention that I found a new direction/And it leads back to me?"

In the second verse, she has learned from her mistakes. Without them, she wouldn't think she would be able to do anything. She's going to be herself. She's not ashamed nor is she holding a grudge. Her newfound self-confidence has set her free from all the hostility she had. She pointedly asks other people's opinions of her. But regardless of what they say, it's not going to to matter. "Mistakes that I made givin' me the strength/To really believe/And no matter how I take it/There's no way I'm gonna fake it 'cuz it's gotta be real/I've got nothin' left to hide/No reason left to fight/'Cuz the truth's given me a new freedom inside/Gettin' rid of my desire/Do you like what you see?

In the bridge, she repeats that people can't help but like her now. The phrase "you like it like this" is funkidified by the vocoder. "Ooh-oh baby, baby, baby/You know you like it like this/Ooh-oh baby, baby, baby/You know you like it like this/Ooh-oh baby, baby, baby."

After the chorus, Minogue adlibs a part of the chorus. "Oh, I'm not the same/You like it like this/Ooh-oh."

The delectable "Spinning Around" finds Kylie Minogue re-energizing her career and returning to her what made her popular: light dance fluff. Except there's a twist. She gives it an air of elegance and sensuality which was lacking in her early material.

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