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Published on February 23, 2004 By Dusk411 In Music

2 Become 1
Album: 0304
Year: 2003

Official websites for entertainers are usually done really well. Sound clips can be heard from the latest CD. Clips of videos can be seen. People can find a “best of” of fans’ websites dedicated to the entertainer. All of the information is free for the potential and hardcore fans. If anyone wants to access information about Jewel, it costs $39.95.

First, there is a lack of Jewel fansites on the web. The ones that are up are hardly updated anymore. She’s losing fans and she needs to be focusing more on getting those people back. Second, it makes her look really greedy. People paid once for the CD; they should not have to be charged again. Third, she is eliminating potential fans. If someone heard her new single on the radio and liked it. However, they know when it will be released. It’s a loss. The person may forget about it and not buy it at all when it’s actually released.

“2 Become 1” has the distinction of being the only single from 0304 that actually feels like a song. Here, she is able to balance her new image alongside her old one. In “2 Become 1,” Jewel’s in love. Unlike other love songs, it’s personal and realistic. Jewel is concentrating on only the moment she’s having with her lover and not the entire relationship. In a well-written lyric, she sings that “I watch you while you are sleeping/Messy hair, chest bare, moonlight on your skin/I want to breathe you in.” Jewel is genuine and open throughout. Finally, she sounds relaxed and not as uptight as she has in her previous singles. However, she's not without her pretension, though. In the first verse, she sings, “don’t move/this mood is a painting.”

It’s an uptempo ballad with a romantic, tender feel. Although the music arrangement sounds like a peppier Sarah McLachlan song, it’s a major improvement over her last efforts. However, a blip on MTV News is not going to be enough to sell the single, neither is $39.95 gullible fans put in a website that only they can view. She may be established, but she's lagging in sales. 0304 only has gold status,she needs to reach everyone.

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