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In Your Eyes
Album: Fever
Year: 2002

Kylie Minogue can only concentrate on one man in the discotheque in the sultry "In Your Eyes."

The single opens with swanky keyboards, creating a posh, after hours tone. A mystified Kylie is compelled to stay in the disco after seeing an attractive guy. "What on earth am I meant to do/
In this crowded place there is only you/Was gonna to leave now I have to stay/You have taken my breath away."

In the b-section, she's floating on air. She wonders if the world has continued to go on. "Is the world still spinning around/I don't feel like coming down."

The neon lights highlight the specks in their eyes, as they gaze at only each other. They understand the hungry looks.He's a regular at the club, like her, and she's been waiting for a chance to sleep with him. " It's in your eyes/I can tell what your thinking/My heart is sinking too/It's no surprise/I've been watching you lately/I want to make it with you."

Tonight, though, they finally meet and talk. She comments that fate is peculiar. Her life seems perfect now. All her worries have been forgotten and are trivial. She's excited to have a chance with her him. "Destiny has a funny way/When it comes and takes all your cares away/I can't think of a single thing/Other than what a beautiful state I'm in."

The b-section is sung again. The chorus ends the single.

"In Your Eyes," which is not an immediate standout like "Love At First Sight, is a smoldering single. It takes a couple listens but it slowly inches into your head.

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