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He Wasn't
Album: Under My Skin
Year: 2004

Avril Lavigne muses about her inconsiderate ex-boyfriend in the musty "He Wasn't."

Detached, too-cool-for-school guitars open the single, setting a bored tone. Lavigne whines that there isn't anything to do. It's Saturday evening and she has spent much of the day hanging around her house. Nonetheless, the day is speeding by. She sulks, knowing just another manic Monday is two days away.

"There's not much going on today/I'm really bored, it's getting late/What happened to my Saturday?/Monday's coming, the day I hate."

In the chorus, she won't admit she still likes her ex-boyfriend, although she says he wasn't the right guy for her. He wouldn't do any grand romantic gestures, like open the door for her. He also didn't treat her his one and only girl.

"Sit on the bed alone, staring at the phone/He wasn't what I wanted, what I thought, no/He wouldn't even open up the door/He never made me feel like I was special/He isn't really what I'm looking for."

Lavigne chants "hey" a couple times.

She's anxixous and finds a way to occupy herself: cleaning her room. But it doesn't distract her from the phone. She decides to get away from the phone completely and leaves the house. She adds her narration is trite, making it the truest lyric Lavigne has ever said.

"This is when I start to bite my nails/And clean my room when all else fails/I think it's time for me to bail/This point of view is getting stale."

Lavigne "uh uh." It then switches to the "hey"chants and alternates with the "uh uh" in the background.

She deadpans "na na na" like a zombie as she rambles. She randomly says everyone has a ton of decisions to make. They have the power to use it. She then tells them to express themselves and be loud.

"Na na na na na, we've all got choices/Na na na na, we've all got voices/Na na na na na, stand up make some noise/Na na na na, stand up make some noise."

The chorus is sung once more.

She "uh uh's" briefly and then randomly says "na na na na," ending the single with a wince.

"He Wasn't" tries to be a lost Ramones b-side. However, it's contrived and is a laughable attempt for Lavigne to be a rocker. Sometimes her the natural apathetic vocals are a strength. But not in this single. She's supposed to care about her ex, but according to her singing, nothing is bothering her at all. Lavigne needed to be downcast and confused.

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on Nov 18, 2005
this girl was friggin' 16 years old when she made it big. somebody should cut her some slack for being young and stupid then. i think she'll last 'cause she's got "q-factor" in her corner. she's just plain likeable even if her music tends to be a bit on the contrived pop side
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