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Published on November 22, 2005 By Dusk411 In Music

Sk8er Boi
Album: Let Go
Year: 2002

Avril Lavigne sticks it to her ex-boyfriend's crush in the smug "Sk8er Boi."

Lippy guitars open the single, setting a petty tone. Lavigne starts by saying she's not not going to be subtle. The song is about her boyfriend and the popular girl he once loved in high school. They were opposites. He liked to skateboard and cuss. She was prim and performed in the local "Nutcracker" every year. He liked her a lot. She gave him signals and talked to him when none of her friends were around. But her friends told her not to go out with him. He was a greasy nerd and that she deserved better. She dropped him and decided to date the hot jock who she knew would cheat on her.

"He was a boi/She was a girl/Can I make it any more obvious/He was a punk/She did ballet/What more can I say/He wanted her/She'd never tell secretly she wanted him as well/But all of her friends/Stuck up their nose/They had a problem with his baggy clothes."

In the chorus, she dumps him for not being bland and not like being everybody else. She notes the girl was beautiful but she didn't have a brain of her own. She was self-centered and would benefit from a reality check.

"He was a sk8er boi/She said see you later boi/He wasn't good enough for her/
She had a pretty face/But her head was up in space/She needed to come back down to earth."

It's five years later. The girl is a single mom. She's listening to MTV in the background. When she takes a look at the screen, she does a double-take. It's the punk guy she liked in high school. He had told her he had a band, which she thought was great. She had always wanted to go one of his practices. She immediately calls up her friends to tell them. They tell her they've been hearing about him for the past month or so. They have tickets to his concert and they invite her to come. At the concert, she's in awe of him as she claps and screams after every song.

"5 years from now/She sits at home/Feeding the baby she's all alone/She turns on tv/Guess who she sees/Sk8er boi rockin' up MTV/She calls up her friends/
They already know/And they've all got/Tickets to see his show/She tags along/And stands in the crowd/
Looks up at the man that she turned down."

In the second chorus, she adds that he's a rock star. Lavigne asks the girl if she knows what a sweet, desirable guy he is.

"He was a sk8er boi/She said see you later boi/He wasn't good enough for her/Now he's a super star/Slamming on his guitar/Does your pretty face see what he's worth?"

The second chorus is sung again.

In the bridge, Lavigne taunts the girl, saying he's already dating her. She had her chance years ago. It's her loss. She tells her that he grew up to be a kind, gentle guy. The girl only saw her stock plummet in her high school, not the person he who was.

"Sorry girl but you missed out/Well tough luck that boi's mine now/We are more than just good friends/This is how the story ends/Too bad that you couldn't see/See the man that boi could be/There is more that meets the eye/I see the soul that is inside."

Lavigne smarts that she and the punk guy are in a long-term relationship. Every interviewer has asked her boyfriend about her and he can't stop talking about her. They've been photographed together grocery shopping and kissing. It's a relationship that's all over the entertainment news.

"He's just a boi/And I'm just a girl/Can I make it any more obvious/We are in love/Haven't you heard/How we rock each other's world."

In the third chorus, Lavigne says that she gets to hang out with him after the show and has a contract to become a pop star herself. She's currently recording a song that they both wrote about the popular girl.

"I'm with the sk8er boi/I said see you later boi/I'll be backstage after the show/
I'll be at the studio/Singing the song we wrote/About a girl you used to know."

The third chorus is sung once more to end the single.

The popular girl is snobbish but Lavigne is worse in "Sk8er Boi." While the popular girl seems to have grown up, Lavigne is still in the high school mindset. She vilifies the girl for being a single mom, as if it's something she deserved for not being nice. She gets slammed for not being self-aware. Then, Lavigne dangles what her life could've been like if she had gone out with him.

Lavigne ends up as cruel and mean as the girl in high school. However, her grudge is trivial. Why do they both care so much about what this girl thinks? It's irrelevant.

However, Lavigne forgets that the lifespan of a MTV band is short, no one is actually self-aware in high school and there's no guarantee the relationship would've worked. Lavigne should be worried that her boyfriend is still writing songs about the girl.

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