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Did It Again
Album: Impossible Princess
Year: 1997

Kylie Minogue re-evaluates her impetuous personality in the blunt "Did It Again."

A keyboard makes a whooshing sound to open the song. As a wily guitar strums in the background, she says that she believes her own hype. But it's only shallow sentences in the end. The cute smile isn't going to fool anyone anymore. She thinks she has learned everything she has to know. However, she's only begun. She can't settle on a single decision. Each option is appealing.

"Clever girl/Think you are but you think too much/Shut down turn around/Don't look that way any more/Clever girl
Think you know but you don't know much/Try to make a move/Go to a different door."

In the pre-chorus, she mentions that she lives in her own world. She needs to get away from it. She has discovered her inner critic.

"You know it's all in your head/You better put that business to bed/By your fair hands of design you met with/The monster in your mind."

In the chorus, she scolds herself for latching onto a new phase. Unfortunately, each phase leads he to question herself.

"You did it again/You did it again/Won't you listen to me when I'm telling you it's no good for you."

If something seems right, she will stand by it. However, it could turn out to be disaster. It confuses her and she doesn't know which direction to go in. She mocks herself, calling herself remarkably intelligent. It's what she's supposed to be. She's her own worst enemy. She has made it and her new self is successful. However, she doesn't know how to handle it. Then, she starts thinking of who else she might be.

"Clever girl/Think you're right/But what's right from wrong?/Little Miss Genius/You make it hard on yourself/Clever girl/You've got it all but you're all messed up/Time now turn around/Move onto something else."

In the pre-chorus, she says she's too smart for her own good sometimes.

"You know it's all in your head/You'd better put that business to bed/What you see nobody sees/It only brings you to your knees."

The chorus is sung twice.

The beats spiral and twist during a solo.

The pre-chorus is sung once.

The chorus is sung three times to end the single.

In "Did It Again," Kylie doesn't know who she is. Her real self is got lost along with her different phases. She has an idea but doesn't know where to start. Celebrity also plays a role. She's also Kylie, Inc. She's expected to be Kylie, Inc. in public. She cannot seperate her job from herself. She is her job.

"Did It Again" is cunning and self-aware look at celebrity without even mentioning fame.

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on Dec 07, 2005
She's soul searching--not many performers would have that courage.
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