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Published on December 30, 2005 By Dusk411 In Music

Die Another Day
Album: Die Another Day soundtrack/American Life
Year: 2002

With death looming around her, Madonna decides not to give up her life in the staunch "Die Another Day."

The strings, threatening and jagged , open the single. It sets a violent tone. She is uncertain if she should be awake and try to free herself. As she sits, tied in the chair, she thinks of the stuff she will do once she escapes. She will take a risk and kiss a guy she's liked. She's not going to explain the rope burns on her wrists. Her only safe option for right now is lay low and play dead.

"I'm gonna wake up, yes and no/I'm gonna kiss some part of/I'm gonna keep this secret/I'm gonna close my body now."

In the chorus, she has bit through the ropes and tore the tape off her mouth. She wants to take her captors on and fights them. She has too much to live for than be scared of them.

"I guess, die another day/I guess, die another day/I guess, die another day/I guess, die another day/I guess I'll die another day/(Another day)/I guess I'll die another day/(Another day)/I guess I'll die another day/
(Another day)/I guess I'll die another day."

In the second verse, Madonna challenges the chauvinists who believe women should be the damsel in the distress and not the heroine. A penis does not make one an automatic savior. She's determined to be a woman in power. She's not going to follow the status quo. She's going to forget about herself and concentrate on breaking the status quo as a whole.

"Sigmund Freud/Analyze this/Analyze this/Analyze this/I'm gonna break the cycle/I'm gonna shake up the system/I'm gonna destroy my ego/I'm gonna close my body now. "

The music pauses as Madonna grunts.

In the bridge, she's creating a plan to take over male society. She notes that she has much to learn. As long as she is alive, she will be able to reach her goal. She will have to go through a trial of enduring the consequence of every sin she committed. She will have to work long hours while being a double agent.

"I think I'll find another way/There's so much more to know/I guess I'll die another day/
It's not my time to go/For every sin, I'll have to pay/I've come to work, I've come to play/I think I'll find another way/It's not my time to go."

In the third verse, she says she will not be the stereotypical woman associated with feminism. She will also make herself less alert. She will try to see life through a dark point of view. She will wait for gratification and promises not to gloat when her plan is accomplished.

"I'm gonna avoid the cliche/I'm gonna suspend my senses/I'm gonna delay my pleasure/I'm gonna close my body now."

The first and second chorus are sung again.

Madonna grunts again.

She laughs and then says that she has to take a break. However, it's just a ruse.

"I have to lay down."

The first chorus is sung again.

"Another day" is said six times to end the single.

In "Die Another Day," Madonna addresses women in action movie roles. Usually, they are submissive and screaming, relying on the strong, powerful man to rescue them. However, she has vowed not to be that girl. She will save herself from impending danger. She will fight back and not allow herself to be dominated by a man.

The "Die Another Day" shuns girl power and intends to destroy it. She will put women in power and break the glass ceiling.

The unwavering single varies the most from James Bond themes. Unlike previous singles, the plot of the movie is not in the single. Instead, it incorporates the action of the movie and attitude of the female lead (Halle Berry). However, the new take on the genre gives the single a uniqueness previous James Bond themes have lacked.

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on Dec 30, 2005
Awesome review It's another case of the title song to the soundtrack being ten times better than the actual movie.
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