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I'm Gonna Getcha Good!
Album: Up!
Year: 2002

Shania Twain is determined to get a husband in the persistent "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!"

Strong-willed guitars open the single. Twain announces she's on the prowl for a man, setting a forward.

"Let's go!"

In the first verse, she has zeroed on a specific guy. She has begun a conversation with him. She explains that she's not into one-night stands or flings. She wants marriage or nothing. She explains it away by saying she's a serial monogamist. She gives him a cutesy compliment. She compares him to his a fabulous house which she is going to buy.

"Don't wantcha for the weekend, don't wantcha for a night/I'm only interested if I can have you for life, yeah/Uh, I know I sound serious and baby I am/
You're a fine piece of real estate, and I'm gonna get me some land."

In the pre-chorus, she notices that he's looking around for an escape route. She says there's no use of being a commitment-phobe. He's found the perfect woman in her.

"Oh, yeah/So, don't try to run honey, love can be fun/There's no need to be alone when you find that someone."

In the chorus, she says she's going to flirt and use every single one of her feminime wiles to go out with him. She's has the chance to do it and she will. Even she has to close the place down and and bolt him to the stool, she will get him. She tells him that he will fall for her fast and won't be able to resist her charms.

"(I'm gonna getcha)/I'm gonna getcha while I gotcha in sight/(I'm gonna getcha)/I'm gonna getcha if it takes all night/(Yeah, you can betcha)/You can betcha by the time I say "go," you'll never say "no"/(I'm gonna getcha)/I'm gonna getcha, it's a matter of fact/(I'm gonna getcha)/I'm gonna getcha, don'tcha worry 'bout that/(Yeah, you can betcha)/You can bet your bottom dollar, in time you're gonna be mine/Just like I should, I'll getcha good."

In the second verse, she vamps that she knows what their first date will be like. She will be amazed by his hobbies and he will be dazzled by her sweet smile.

"Yeah, uh, uh/I've already planned it, here's how it's gonna be/I'm gonna love you and you're gonna fall in love with me/Yeah, yeah."

The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

In the bridge, she says that she will make a wish for their relationship to happen. She will have him as a permenant fixture in her life and he will remember it.

"Yeah, I'm gonna getcha baby I'm gonna knock on wood/I'm gonna getcha somehow honey yeah, I'm gonna make it good/Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

The pre-chorus and chorus are sung again.

At the end, she adds that it's for certain they will be together.

"Oh, I'm gonna getcha, I'm gonna getcha real good/Yeah, you can betcha, oh, I'm gonna getcha/(I'm gonna getcha) just like I should, I'll getcha good/Oh, I'm gonna getcha good!"


If it weren't for her bubbly and coquettish delivery, Twain could be considered a contestant for The Bachelor. However, "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" manages to rise above the psycho sterotype and turns into a straighforward flirtation. Twain knows what she wants and it isn't going to waste her time with someone interested in less.


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